Not a wine drinker. Need suggestions for dinner at friends 2nite

I know there are Web sites for this kind of thing. But I just need to know what time it is, not how to build a clock. So I'm relying on you, my SE peeps.

The main Menu will be pretty casual, but all OVER the place. Grilled Ribeyes, steak tacos, someone is doing fresh trout, caught this morning I'm told.... For desert, some mixed berry pies, and two peach pies, one double crust, one with a "crumble" topping.

I'll be happily drinking Happy Blanche de Burque Belgian Wit from La Cumbre BC but would like to take a few bottles of GOOD wine for my fellow fiesta goers.

I know there is no definitive list. But of those of you in the know, what would YOU take?

Thanks for the suggestions.

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