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I probably have spent an hour a day on Serious Eats over the last few years and I certain that I'm in a demographic you covet.

I use Chrome on a 2 year old IMac. I don't have the best Mac skills, I admit.

I am not a dummy yet I cannot navigate the site successfully. It is, to me, the most frustrating site on the internet. It will lose my eyeballs, and has already made me very selective with the articles and, especially, slideshows that I click on.

Here's how it goes for me: scan the articles on the first page. Click "More" or "slideshow" if inspired. When done, click "back to article" and then the back button or, if it's not a slideshow, just hit the back button per usual.

Then continue to scan thru the "homepage", clicking "more" if you want to see older articles in the timeline. This could be several screens if you haven't checked in in a day. So you've gone done a few pages, scanning for what interests you. Then you click on a slideshow and go through it. Then what are your options? "Back"? No. That just goes back in the slideshow. "Back to article"? Well that's better, but still you end up at the same place - the "homepage' of the specific article. And if you want to get back to the spot on the main "homepage" where you left off, before you clicked on the slideshow? Impossible! You have to go to the very top of site and then navigate back to where you left off in your browsing. This is extremely annoying and I can tell you that it has cut my time on Serious Eats. It's just not normal, and you are losing my attention. If I'm more than a couple of pages deep I am extremely reluctant to click on a slide show, for example.

If I'm just stupid, please explain how. It's entirely possible.


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