A problem with seriouseats.com which isn't really a problem

Hey all,

(Note: what follows is NOT criticism! I'm just lazy and selfishly begging for a new feature.)

I'm not too active in the Talk section of this website (I mostly read SE articles using my RSS aggregator) so I apologize in advance if someone's already suggested this, but does anyone ever wish this website had an RSS feed that only posted summaries or digests of the day or week's posts?

I've been following SE for a long time, a couple of years maybe, and initially the volume of posts on the website was pretty manageable. But with the recent expansions, I feel like my RSS aggregator is just completely overwhelmed by articles. I read a bunch of other blogs that are more important to my work too, so sometimes I end up just skipping over SE articles when I really, really don't want to.

I'm not sure how this would be implemented and I am fully aware that this is a nitpick. But maybe consider setting up a new feed that will allow those of us with less time (or more laziness) to see the day's/week's output at a glance?



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