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Food Rage & Anger Management

I don't know if it's old age setting in, or if I've developed a more discerning palette over the years, but I find myself becoming much less tolerant of poorly prepared food in restaurants. 

Case in point:  This last weekend alone I had three - count them - THREE bad food experiences that left me almost insensible with rage.

Saturday Afternoon - I had a hankering for a big, juicy, medium rare hamburger.  And I knew just the place - one I knew from previous visits - that would fit the bill perfectly.  Yes, I know the trend now-a-days that one should order burgers medium-well to avoid surface contamination issues.  But this particular place always had very fresh products, and I'd never had problems.  So I order, and the burger comes, looking exactly as my salivary glands remembered.  Eyes half lidded in anticipation of nirvana, I take a bite....   and almost gag at the flavor!  Looking at the exposed meat, I didn't see a nice healthy pink, but a horrible seeping grey - not from bring over cooked, but from old and spoiled meat.  Gads!  Not only was I outraged they would serve something so rancid, but after having recently watched several episodes of Gordon Ramsey's 'Kitchen Disasters,' I was compelled to rush to the restroom to wash out my mouth.  

Sunday Brunch - Went looking for a late breakfast, and again visited to a nice french restaurant where I'd eaten before, looking to get a savory omelet. When my plate arrived, the omelet and home fries were swimming in none-less than a lake of grease.  Seriously, it looked like the Exxon Valdez had risen from its watery grave to expunge one last gasp upon my plate.  I must have sat there for a good five minutes, simply staring in horror at what had been placed before me.

Sunday Afternoon - Immediately following the La Brea tar-pit debacle, and the previous day's unfulfilled hamburger craving, I move directly on to yet another well known diner down the street to satisfy my hunger for ground meat patties.  "Medium rare, wi

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