Hunting for Hot Links in Wisconsin

So I was recently in Texas visiting my in-laws, and for dinner we had these delicious hot links made by Longhorn. We're having a barbecue this summer and want to snag some, but there aren't any at the grocery stores or specialty meat shops, and unless I'm looking incorrectly, I can't seem to order them anywhere either. The in-laws said they'd ship them, but I'd like to avoid having them go through the hassle.

Anyone who's familiar with these, do you have a Great Lakes hookup? The Longhorn brand ones tasted a lot like Mexican Chorizo to my tastebuds, only firmer and in an edible casing (very finely ground, accented with chilis, etc.). So I'd be willing to buy another brand if it tasted similarly. Does anyone know of a way to get these here in Madison?

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