Help for Too Spicy Soup...

So... I just made a sweet potato ancho soup that turned out way too spicy. I'm about to boil another sweet potato in just a bit of water & add it into the mix, with the hope that it will tone things down a little. Aside from that, it is supposed to be served with a dash of fresh lime juice in each bowl (I know that the citrus will cut the heat some). My question is this: as we want to keep the soup fairly healthy, I don't want to add cream/Crema/ etc that would have a lot of unnecessary fat... Would skim milk do anything at all, or would it just make it watery &/or curdle when the citrus is added? Does anyone have any tips? I've read honey, sugar, etc, but I only want to reduce the heat, not change the flavor... Thanks in advance!!!-Christy

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