Easy Eggs with Melted Cheese Croissant in 10 Mins!!!

I make this for breakfast sometimes, it's a simple recipe that's quick and easy. I would love to post a picture but I don't know how to do it, there is no option for it, so I hope you can visual see how easy and yummy this really is. I didn't put in exact measurements because most of it is according to your liking, you can add more or less.

About This Recipe

Active time:3 Minutes
Total time:5-7 Minutes


2 Whole Eggs
Garlic Salt (A Dash)
1 Croissant (cut in half)
Some Graded Chedder Cheese (prepackage)
Some Prewashed Spinach (prepackage)
Salsa (only if you like)


Cut the croissant in half and put in oven at 350 degree for about 5-10 minutes (or just the way you like it).

Fry 2 eggs in pan on stove (I spray with Pam Olive Oil beforehand) on med to low heat. Add a dash of garlic salt on the eggs. Flip eggs when underside is cooked (I like mine over medium, but you can cook according to your liking). Put graded cheese over the egg.

While the cheese is melting, take croissant out of over and put the egg with melts cheese on the bottom side of croissant, top with salsa, add the raw spinach, and then put the top side of croissant over. Voila!

This is a simple recipe that takes about 10 mins. I usually add a side of fruit such as grapes or cantaloupe. Bon appetite!

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