Bar for 40-50 person party

Should be simple: I'm looking for a bar to host a party! The requirements are:
-- it can hold around 40-50 people
-- there's some way of delineating "our" space from the rest of the bar (i.e. I don't want to just informally take over part of a bar)
-- it has a decent beer list.

Optional, somewhat desired: it can serve snacks.

Places I like that don't work:
-- the room/otherroom/anotherroom: too small
-- Against the Grain: would be perfect, but too small.
-- VBar St. Marks: would be perfect, but they don't rent out the space.

Places that seem "eh": lots of interchangeable-seeming pub-type places do this, especially on the UES/UWS. I could do this if necessary, but would rather find someplace less generic.

One place that I'm considering is Covo Lounge, on 136th and Riverside, north of Fairway. I've been there a while ago and plan to take a look again soon. In the meantime, any recommendations?


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