Tartine bread at home - troubleshooting

Have any of you been baking Tartine bread successfully at home, and do you care to share any tips?

I've just started baking from the book. Starter is working fine, leaven passed the float test. The bread dough, though difficult to work with, did get aerated well during the bulk fermentation. Only thing, I found the shaping/ final shaping very difficult and it didn't look like his, the dough didn't spread with the round fat edge he describes. I baked the loaf all the same, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was reasonably domed in shape, I had expected a pancake loaf. However the holes in the crumb were small, even though there were some larger irregular ones, leading to a more dense bread. It also had a more sour flavor than I wanted, but that may have been because I did the final proofing in the refrigerator.

Any suggestions?

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