BK Bacon Sundae--oh yes, I did. Will you?

I basically gave up fast food last year. It wasn't making me feel great, and the quality was just horrendous, getting a disgusting looking and sometimes tasting meal more times than not.

But tonight after an early dinner and grocery shopping near a BK, I recalled the post about bacon sundaes coming out and decided to try it. At $2.59 (Ohio price) it was really good. (Working around the fudge, it's dog approved as well!)

I feared the bacon would be the pre-cooked cardboard version, but it was actually a fairly thick, very crispy piece (2 half pieces I held and dipped into the sundae). I did not get any bacon crumbles as the description read, and wished I had more bacon for the bottom of the bowl.

Overall, it definitely delivered on salty, smoky, and sweet, and IF they can keep the quality up, I'll be enjoying more of these this summer. Fortunately, I need to gain weight, at 510 calories, these should help.

I look forward to hearing about the quality of these at other BK's as well as the other "summer menu" items. The sweet potato fries being the only other item I think I'll try.

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