Back Button: Still Broken. Why? Anyone Home at SE's IT Dept?

Yes, in some cases, mostly those of normal reading progession, the BACK BUTTON is STILL broken. After weeks of questions and comments, it is not fixed, SE has not responded (that I know of) and it has become an avoidance item. I cannot read the site as I wish, needing to start over far too often when I want to see the next article. What happens? I cruise through the first pages of most posts and the SKIP the remainder because it is simply not worth restarting the website and scanning through the junk that I've read - or not read - to regain the former position. I'm tired of the annoyance and I'm cruising for food-related sites that have far better technical performance. Regular readers have been promised technical improvements for years, another is apparently pending, but few offer any graces to the reader. In fairness, the months-old improvement in Slide Shows, with longer individual captions and a +/- faster load, was a very nice benefit. The Slide Shows are now worth a fefw clicks. Thanks. The other glitches are seriously annoying, seem to be increasing and often make the site simply Not Worth The Trouble. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I sure hope they get it fixed, before a lot of readers just DELETE the link - as more trouble than it is worth.


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