Are your customers AKA your family sometimes not grateful?

So last night I hustled up some grub and got a very mediocre response from BigMan---"Mmmm I'm not such a fan of sweet and sour stuff."

Mmmm my butt. I left some serious TV watching to go to the grocery store. Had to deal with the fact I left my wallet in my briefcase but luckily the local store knows me and gave me an IOU. Defrosted the shrimp and you know how exhausting that can be...Steamed some broccoli, cooked the rice -not even in a rice cooker -again exhausting. Made PreciousDaughter a different meal since she doesn't eat shrimp. I also cleaned up along the way which means I am a goddess.
Perhaps it's because I have not been cooking much at all but really? The rotisserie chicken with the bag o'salad got a better response the night before!

At least all the boys in the dorm were salivating from the good smells wafting throughout the place...

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