Again, unable to log in

I posted a couple days ago about having difficulties logging in to the site- had had difficulties (basically log in link was not responding at all) off and on for a couple of weeks. Did not get much resolved with that post.
Today, I am taken to a page that is headed with Movable Type and states this: Publish error in template 'Login Form': Error in <mtinclude> tag: error in module sidebar: Publish error in template 'sidebar': Error in <mtif> tag: Error in <mtinclude> tag: Can't find included template module 'talkPostPromo'
This is while using the current Firefox, without any plug-ins. Currently I am in Explorer, without the issue but the message box keeps scrolling to the top of the message I have written so far. Goodness!
Anyway, hope that gives you some more information on the problem that I have been having for a coupe weeks. SE is the only site I have had issues with anything of this sort. Happy weekend!


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