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Do you discriminate or are you indiscriminate?

I am blessed to work with many people who love food, (cooking it, eating it, talking about it), as much as I do. One of them has a particular quirk. The best, and most common example of this quirk is pizza. My coworker can only truly be satisfied with a pizza experience if the pizza is of a specific type, which happens to be NY slice style.

This particular coworker feels this way about hummus too, and will eat only Sabra.

I like eating the same food (pizza for example) made well in many different styles (Greek, Neapolitan, deep-dish to name a few), and although I agree that Sabra Hummus is addictive I enjoy other varieties as well.

So I ask you, are there some foods that you only like one style of? Will you only drink a certain kind of orange juice or buy a specific kind of peanut butter? Are you like me, and are you somewhat indiscriminate, letting your whims dictate your tastes?

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