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Breakfast/Brunch, This Saturday Morning, VERY Early

I'm returning to NYC after far too long an absence for a very quick weekend of fun and seeing friends and also "Sleep No More," about which I am way excited! Since this will be a quick weekend I am flying up CRAZY early Saturday morning, and my plane will land before 7:30am. I have taken this flight before and I usually am able to get to my hotel and drop my bags before 8:30 and will need a fortifying breakfast STAT. We're staying midtown East but can go anywhere; I prefer to stay in Manhattan due to the weekend's time constraints. Tell me, where should I eat this early, when all the brunch crowds are not yet awake? I was thinking The Breslin, since I hear it gets mad busy at other times and it could be a good opportunity to give it a try. What are some other suggestions y'all have? I want someplace sit down, where we can linger a little bit and recover from a 6:00am flight, drink some coffee, have some great food, and prepare for the weekend.

Thanks for y'all's suggestions!

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