Perfect Martini - Gin to Vermouth to Water ratios

So I heard Booker and Dax makes a "perfect" martini and that the key is really just the proper ratio of gin and vermouth to water, since all you're doing in a shaker is chilling and diluting. So they premix and and chill it, (i'm sure in some sort of space aged laboratory chiller) but couldn't we do the same thing at home?

I would like to fill a mason jar with a martini and stick it in the freezer. What is the proper ratio of gin to water to vermouth to reach that perfect balance?

About This Recipe

Active time:1min
Special equipment:mason jar


This is my rough calculation for one serving:
100ml gin
15 ml vermouth (for a very dry martini)
30ml filtered water
5ml olive juice (optional)


I put this in a mason jar so as not to impart plastic flavors and gently swirled (since it mixes pretty easily) and then into the freezer. Any thoughts?

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