Passover Dishes--Oldest, Newest

I am curious to hear about your most recently acquired Passover recipes as well as the longest-lasting recipes.

When I was a kid, my extended family cooked the exact same seder meal every single year. I became a vegetarian in my twenties, so we added a few new recipes: homemade applesauce and marinated mushrooms. Then my uncle discovered he had celiac disease, so we started making chocolate almond macaroons for him. Then my cousin married a woman with her own recipes, so last year we had red cabbage slaw with raisins and some other sides I can't remember.
Our oldest recipe comes from at least as long ago as my great grandmother (who ran a kosher restaurant in Michigan): homemade gefilte fish. It requires you to "beg" extra fish bones (for the fish broth) from the fishmonger and to grind raw fish flesh, then use your hands to mix it in an enormous vat with other ingredients. It's disgusting to watch--my husband is learning the recipe from my aunt so we will have it forever. He is braver than I.

What about your family?

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