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There is a certain popular Chicken fast-food chain that has always been very open about their (Christian) faith- based beliefs. They're even closed on Sundays so that their employees can spend the day in worship & with family. I just read an article that states the CEO of said Chain has made some public remarks against "non-traditional" relationships/ marriages- & the author was encouraging those of us who disagree w/the statements made should stop frequenting their restaurant. This made me start thinking about it all- Do any of you NOT purchase certain products or brands due to a company's policies or political stance/ beliefs? I know plenty of peeps w/ "alternative lifestyles" that love this place- also, if you're not Christian, should you stop eating there? (I have a Muslim friend that eats there all the time)... Where do you draw the line? I personally think that it's pretty silly. If I like a product, I'm going to use it... My beliefs shouldn't matter to the company, so why should I care about theirs? Any thoughts?!?-c

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