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Alternatives to Corn Syrup for Making Marshmallows

So, ever since I started making marshmallows I have been in love and have sent a few bags over to my BFF in the UK. Now, she wants to try to make them herself, but I worry that she won't be able to get any true corn syrup, which is one of the key ingredients in marshmallow recipes that I have seen. I used to live over there, and I don't ever remember seeing corn syrup in the shops. I found some online, but the cost of shipping is a little dear, since she is pinched for money as it is. I can't afford to keep sending them to her all the time (the last parcel that I sent literally held four medium bags of marshmallows and was over $30), so I wanted to know if anyone here knew of alternatives to use as corn syrup in the recipes. Would Lyle's Golden Syrup work at all? Any help or alternate recipes would be much appreciated!

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