New York

2 days in New York

Hello All,
I'm new on this site, and I'd like some advices about New York.

I'll be there from June 17th to 19th (that's sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon) and I'd like to some advice on some nice places to go and some good food that I can try in Manhattan (mostly) with a good emphasis on pizza (that's original :-)) but not only, breakfast, original stuff that doesn't exist in Paris (I leave there, I'm spoiled in patisseries and croissants ;-))...

What I thought to do on day one is the view from the Rockfeller center around 6pm so anyplace to have a drink after (apero !!) + a nice and laid back place for dinner.
On day 2, I would go south to west village and around maybe, and on day 3 I was thinking of the Museum of Natural history.

About Pizza, I thought I would go to difara but it's closed on monday and tuesday, and I've been to john's of bleecker street and Lombardi. I also know Katz's already.

I would greatly appreciate any advice. :-)


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