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How often do you eat meat? And what type?

This poll went up on Runner's World a little while ago, and the results were pretty interesting. Many people ate meat infrequently. Many others were vegetarian. Since then, I've been sort of steeped in this notion that people don't really eat meat that much or that often.

However, I've noticed that a lot of SE-Talk recipe recommendations and answers to "What-are-you-cooking-today?" posts seem to be skewed towards the omnivorous end. So, I'm curious!

Considering that there are ~21 meals in a week, how often do you eat meat?
- 1-4 meals/week (for simplicity's sake: ~ 1-2 days/week)
- 5-9 meals/week (~ 3 days/week)
- 10-14 meals/week (~ 4 days/week)
- 15-21 meals/week (~ 5-7 days/week)

And, usually, what type? Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, etc.

Vegetarians, I already know your answer, so, sorry, this doesn't apply!

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