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Cold Cereal - Favorites from Youth, Favorites Now

I love cereal. I eat cold cereal for breakfast on occasion, but mostly eat it for a late day snack.

Growing up, Mom always cooked a hot breakfast before we went to school -- eggs, pancakes, etc., oatmeal, or my favorite, Cream of Wheat, always served with some kind of fruit. Cold cereal was a rare treat on Saturday mornings. My favorites among the rare childhood cereals were Quisp, Rice Krispies, and Grape Nuts. I also remember being super excited when Cap-N-Crunch made an appearance!

Some cereals as an adult I loved were Raisin Squares (no longer available), and Olympic Cheerios, on available during Olympic years.

Now I eat Total Raisin Bran (which I prefer over Post Raisin Bran), Honey Nut Cheerios, and still like Rice Krispies.

What are your favorites from childhood, and what are your favorites now?

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