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Alternative to a Salad Spinner?

I have two issues to deal with:
1. I feed my pet rabbit a small bowl of fresh leafy vegetables every night. To cut back on time, I usually make a large batch (enough for several days) and store it uncovered in the fridge.
Inevitably, when I get close to the bottom of the container, the vegetables have started to wilt or get soggy. I know that a salad spinner would probably help with this issue by getting the veggies as dry as possible before storing. However:

2. I already have way too many colanders and wash basins. There must be some weird cosmic wormhole that deposits more colanders into my cabinet or something. I do realize I could replace a bunch of colanders with a new salad spinner, but it just seems wasteful to throw something away. Also, I'd rather not take up more cabinet space with a new kitchen tool.
Finally, I'd like to avoid using tons of paper towels.

Any ideas or DIY solutions?

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