Eating Out

Los Angeles: Help Needed in Planning my Eating

Good people of Los Angeles and good people of anywhere else who are familiar with LA:

I need your help!

I've got about 3/4 of an eating day I need to fill (think 10 AM to 5 PM) in LA but I have a number of restrictions on the journey.

1) It can only range from East LA to Hollywood with very little wiggle room to go north or south.

2) I'm much more interested in smaller items at lots of places or easily shareable large items.

3) Nothing too fancy pants

4) Things to avoid because I've been or because they're covered in other plans: Philippe's, Olvera Street, Fugetsu-Do Confectioneries, pizza and burgers.

So far, the only definite stops are Cinco Puntos, which the SE staff claims serves the best tacos in the country, and return trips to Daikokuya and Langer's.

Where else should we go?


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