I need a grown-up condiment to replace ketchup

Well, it's finally happened -- my palate seems to have outgrown the taste of ketchup on most foods typically associated with that condiment, especially fries.

While I used to consider French fries to be delivery vehicles for said ketchup, I now find the flavor profile to be way too sweet. I picked up a jar of something called "zesty remoulade sauce" the other day, but had one taste of it and found it to be gosh-darn awful. Gooey and sweet to the max. Nothing zesty about it.

Then I looked at the ingredient list, and high-fructose corn syrup was the first one listed. In remoulade sauce??

So, anyway, does anyone have suggestions for an alternative condiment? I do like fries plain, too, but sometimes you just feel like dipping!

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