DeLorenzo's Pizza on Hudson Street in Trenton to close. :(

They say they're closing not because business has died down, but because they're getting old and it's time. Their son opened a DeLorenzo's on Route 33 and they were hoping it would take some of their business away, but it didn't.

I personally don't like going to the Route 33 location unless it's take out. Eating there it's very noisy and filled with little crying kids in highchairs, so I'd always go to the Hudson Street location.

I personally love DeLo's.. not the other DeLo's either (there's another one in Trenton).. it has to be Hudson St (now closed) or Route 33. They use a special pepperoni that is smaller rounds, but very spicy. I'd buy 4 or 5 pounds of just that if I could.

What I find weird is that in the article they think of branching out the brand a little into Pennsylvania.. who's going to run that? They just said they're closing because they're getting old and it's time.

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