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leftover carnitas "stock"

So I made Kenji's carnitas over the weekend, and have some leftover defatted "stock" from the roasting process (Side note: the recipe says you should get about 1/2 cup of stock to use in the salsa but I always wind up with 1-2 cups. I think my oven temp might be off slash I don't pack the pork in my baking dish well enough. Still comes out freaking delicious though). I made a double batch to freeze for Super Bowl prep, so now I've got a good 4 cups of stock - which is basically pork juice flavored with orange, cinnamon, garlic, onion and bay leaf. Its OK tasting on its own, kinda meaty/latin flavored broth, not too strong. It gelled up beautifully in the fridge.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what else I could make with this? I know there is the obvious use in a soup/sauce/random dish in place of chicken stock, but wondering if anyone had any better ideas. I have never really cooked with pork stock before (or cook much pork in general), so looking for any suggestions you might have.

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