Does anyone use beef hearts?

Last night I met Hawk Krall.. you know the guy that draws hot dogs. He had some of his artwork on display at Hot Diggity in Philadelphia. While there he was telling me about February's hot dog special.. a Detroit Coney which uses beef hearts.

(I did a review of Hot Diggity here if you care: )

That conversation prompted me to want to buy some of my own. I've never used them before, so I didn't know what to expect. Man, were they cheap! I didn't realize. Only $1.75 for almost a pound. I cut off what look like veins/arteries or whatever and some white portion I've no clue what it is. Am I supposed to cut all that white stuff off? Some of it seemed hard, the other just seemed like a soft membrane outer.

I'm making my Texas Weiner sauce, taking suggestions from that post on adding a little tomato sauce and swapped ground beef for beef hearts this time.

At first the smell was a little different than what I'm used to. They're certainly stronger in smell that's for sure. I think they go through the food processor better than ground beef and come out with a better texture.. The smell still bothered me a bit, but once I put it in my sauce it was all behind me.

The taste is indeed a stronger beef taste. I'm not done cooking the sauce, but so far it was very flavorful. I'm thinking I might use beef hearts a lot more now.

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