Web Service or SLOW Server?

Ha! For years, SE readers have complained about slow site responses at times. The SE staff usually says, "It was a server issue" or "We're looking into the problem." Ha! again! As it turns out, those S L O W speeds are probably SE's server problems - not enough capacity. How do I know?
Do you own tests. Use the site as usual and during normal hours. Try the works again at ~~0300 New York Time (EST). When I recently went crusing at ~0300 (EST) the SE server's response was so fast that it almost frightened me. No traffic at that hour, so it worked well. For SE: Of course the constant complaints about slow responses are on YOUR end. THis is not new news. Just more proof. We know that you won't buy a larger pipe, but please - stop blaming others or their systems. The SE site usually works, but it is often slow. Your pipe is too small. Access at 0300 (EST) -with no load, is far faster than expecpted. I'm thinking [fill-in].


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