dining etiquette conundrum

You are dining with an aquaintance or business associate you aren't that close with. During the meal they manage to get food - be it parsley, spinach or a poppy seed - stuck resolutely between their teeth in an obvious location.

Do you say something out of courtesy - and how do you say it without causing embarrassment - - or, do you stay silent only to have them discover the offending item later when they're alone? If it's a family member or close friend I have no problem saying something, but what about if it's not someone you know well?

I've been on both sides of this situation - been the observer of and also the sufferer of the misappropriated green food remnant discovered only too late - when it then causes great humiliation to realize it was in your front teeth aaalll that time when you were speaking. Ack.

Anyone have any advice as to how to handle this gracefully?

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