Vegetarianism vs. Veganism

The best way I would describe Vegetarianism is living a "Veganism" life. Let me explain (I am not an expert, I'm just an example). I've been Vegetarian for over 23 years. The only food that kept me from living a Vegan life was consuming "Cheese". One day, on Aug 23, 2011, I decided to live a complete Vegan life. Living a Vegetarian life for so long forced me to learn about Veganism so it was not difficult for me to transition.

But what defines living "Veganism"? After much research, I learned many products that we use in our everyday life contain animal products, such as shampoos, sugar, and silk. Many are obvious, just like the most interesting Non-Vegan product, Honey. As we know, honey is made from the transformation of nectar by the bee's process of regurgitation. Honey, classified Non-Vegan, is understandable. But here is my Theory on "Veganism": What about the flies, insects and other rodents that regurgitate or extract feces on our herbs, fruits and vegetables. Ok, we can rinse and scrub, but what about the dirt that contains fertilizer and extractions from other living entities. Yes, I am against fur, I do not consume ANY animal products, and I am obsessed with living Eco-friendly, but there is no way to live a complete Vegan life. As I live a "Vegan" life, I surely do not think that the produce I buy from markets, not at all, contain any animal particles? Of course, they do! Haven't you heard of E Coli findings? I grow my own herbs and vegetables but when you encounter poisonous toads, insects, and flies around your garden, it makes me think twice about the authenticity of Veganism. Even the air we breathe contains particles of living organisms.

In conclusion, Vegetarianism vs. Veganism, I think a Veganism life is unverified and an extremely difficult existence. I think a Vegetarianism life should be dedicated to living a life as what individuals think is a Veganism life. Vegetarianism should be defined and authenticated as living a Veganism Life!


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