Sometimes, you just have to laugh

I went to the store, this afternoon, just to pick up some generic stuff- green chile stew fixins, stuff for "adult" peppermint hot chocolate, and and turtle chex mix for my wife, who's under the weather today. As I was perusing the snack aisle, I picked up a pack of Tobasco Slim Jims to munch on, just 'cause they looked good, and I was hungry (bad time to go to the store...). So, I'm sitting here, surfing around, and I pull one of them out. I bite into it, and get this little snap.

Sadly, my first thought (and I blame you, SE!) was, "Oooo, natural casing!". My second thought was, "Ewwww, what the (insert naughty word here) was I thinking!".

No point to this - just felt like sharing... :)

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