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Pots, Pans, knives etc...

Every serious home cook I know takes pride in their all their cookware whether it be the pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, etc. I have always heard All-Clad is the best for pots/pans, henckels and cutco and such for knives and so on and so forth. Anyway...i was watching Anthony Bourdain's new show "The Layover" when he went to a chef supply store and basically said the cheap pots/pans, knives, and other stuff from those type stores are just as good to cook with at home. Does anyone have experience with these cheaper chef supply store type cookware items? I have never worked in a restaurant, but I would assume that chefs who are working at these high end establishments are not using All Clad or anything like that to cook with. Thoughts?


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