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I can't believe they don't like...!

You could have knocked me over with a chickadee feather. A few weeks ago, my 69 year old Jewish mother, who bought a fresh challah every single Friday evening my whole life, admitted to me that she Doesn't Like Challah. I swear, I wasn't the only person eating that challah! Then she confessed she Doesn't Like Soft Fresh Rolls. I've never heard of such a thing ever. And then today when I told her I was eating peanut butter and banana on toast, she confessed she didn't like peanut butter. She always stocked peanut butter in the refrigerator!

I am still reeling from the revelation that my single mother dislikes food that she regularly bought and even ate for my whole youth. Has anyone made a similarly shocking discovery about their own relations or friends (or even yourself!)? Can you just not believe that they don't like X?

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