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Help! Serving shrimp to a group of 10-12

I'm having a holiday party at my very small NYC apartment on Saturday night. I wanted to do something unexpected for the holiday season and have decided to serve several different preparations of shrimp and types of beer. I entertain and cook often but am a bit nervous about the logistics of preparing shrimp for this many people, in such a small space. Specifically, I would like to make coconut shrimp, gambas al ajillo (a spicy, garlicky Spanish preparation) and bacon-wrapped shrimp. Any other suggestions? Also, I am thinking that I will need to prepare all of the shrimp earlier in the day so that I am not scrambling to do it a la minute in the combined living area / kitchen after my guests have arrived. Would the best way to manage this be to reheat everything (after it has been brought to room temperature) in a hot oven for about 5 minutes right before the guests arrive? I want the shrimp to be warm or hot, but not to become rubbery from being overcooked.

Also, I would like to serve bread and condiments with the shrimp. I am thinking a crusty baguette, some corn tortillas, cilantro, perhaps a couple different kinds of salsa. Maybe some tortilla chips as well? I'm curious to hear your suggestions. I plan to get up early on Saturday and go food shopping, with a shop in Chinatown for the fresh shrimp. Given the details of my gathering, how many pounds of shrimp would you purchase?

Thanks in advance!

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