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Freezing mash potatoes?

First my apologies if this topic has been covered in the past. I did a quick search and nothing seemed to come up.

Last night, I had the large format feast at Resto in NYC and while it was delicious and amazing, since it was my birthday party I got to take home all the leftovers from the main course.

It's a lot of food and there is no way my husband I can go through it all before it goes bad. Most of it I know I can freeze, but one dish, pork leg and mashed potatoes (oh so good mashed potatoes) are mixed together. I have two big take containers filled with it.

My question is, can I freeze the potatoes and not mess with the taste and consistency when defrosted? I know there will be extra moisture, so I'd reheat in the oven to evaporate it.

Just curious what everyone else's experience has been with freezing mashed potatoes.

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