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New Pots & Pans: the wedding edition

Although I thought at the time I'd done my research, now that the gifts have started to come in (I got married just this past weekend) I'm started to have doubts!

If you could register for new pots, what would you want? I just need your standard set of 3 (small, medium, large) saucepots for a gas stove.

I got 2-, 3-, and 4-quart All Clad d5 stainless. I am probably going to swap the 4-quart for a 1-quart.

Is there something I should have done differently? I can still exchange (haven't used anything yet).

I am currently using my parents' old, old set (which they used for camping for a long while), so whatever I get will be an upgrade, but I do a lot of cooking and love being in the kitchen, so I'd like to get something I'll enjoy forever.

Thanks in advance for your excellent advice!

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