It is unlawful to eat...

Okay I admit I have a bit of a problem...with mushrooms...from buttons to truffles...they are a bit of an obsession if not addiction for me. Of course that could have a lot to do with my compulsive and addictive genetic makeup (coming up on 2 years clean from the needle). But I think everyone has at least one food/dish/ingredient weakness...However, is it possible for a food to be made illegal because of its deliciousness?

Some foods are just too damn good. I realized this today after I consumed an entire block of aged pecorino romano with consecutive bites of red grapes. I looked down more cheese?!? And two more grapes!?! DAMMIT! I'll regret that tomorrow (swollen feet and no more cheese in the fridge). How has cheese not been made illegal or banned in this country? IT'S JUST.....mmm...

What about you guys? If there was one food or dish that you think the government will eventually ban just because it's so delicious (not unhealthy or expensive, just GOOD), what do you think it would be?

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