Why does shrimp quality vary in restaurants?

I don't know much about shrimp. But you'd think a shrimp...is a shrimp. Yet there is great tasting, meaty, well cooked shrimp. And there is smallish, rubbery shrimp.

Sometimes the shrimp is so rubbery pinkish, that I politely tell the waiter that I think it's under cooked. Every time they look at me like I'm crazy (or a finicky jerk).

I am partly colorblind, so I feel at a disadvantage. But I swear you get nice white plump shrimp, which has a dryer feel. And then you get a pinkish shrimp...that's almost slimy inside.

So, is it just me? Or are there different species of shrimp? Or do some places just cook it poorly?

Is under cooking shrimp a common problem in restaurants?

Thanks for any guidance on this issue.

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