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Molasses Spice Cookies - AMT Recipe Question

In the attempt to bring some fall cheer to my roommate and classmates tomorrow, I decided to try the America's Test Kitchen Molasses cookie recipe. I tried them once before, made by a friend, and they were amazing! I was hoping to replicate his fantastic results.

So, the problem: the cookies didn't crinkle! They are supposed to crack/crinkle, according to the picture, but mine didn't - and I'm trying to figure out why.

Changes I made to the original recipe:
- No stand mixer in this kitchen, so I did everything by hand [although the recipe calls for a stand mixer]
- I doubled the recipe

The recipe does mention that cookies baked on the top shelf of the over will crack, while ones baked lower in the oven will stay smooth. I did try moving the rack up, and there was slight crinkling, but definitely not the same amount as the pictures.


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