Militant Eaters

I have encountered many militant eaters on Serious Eats, and there are so many camps. I am referring to people who are extremely against/for X with an attention-grabbing level of vitriol. Have you had any noteworthy experiences with militant eaters in your life? Any particular group of people tend to be pushier than others?

To jog your memory, I've noticed lots of people get up in arms about vegetarian burgers, Greek pizza, foie gras, Sandra Dee, bacon, food trends, food allergies, veganism, elitism, organicism, factory farming, kosher cooking, etc.

Outside of Serious Eats, the most militant eaters I've met tend to be those who disapprove of my vegetarianism. Probably the least apologetic was my cousin-in-law, who interestingly enough also considers himself a vegetarian. The first time I met my spouse's family, this cousin lectured me a lot on accommodating his grandmother's cooking, saying he'll eat whatever she makes and so should I. He was quite pleased when Grandmother-in-Law surreptitiously slipped some chicken broth in my soup and then crowed triumphantly that it hadn't hurt me, had it? No, I admitted, I was still hale and hearty. I thought Grandma was kind of hilarious, and she and I have gotten along swimmingly, but that cousin remains preachy and annoying. (He eventually joined a tribal anarchist group in Spain and ate out of dumpsters, but that's a story for another time.)

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