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Chipotle sour cream ideas?

I recently had a phase of bringing wraps to work/class for lunch or dinner. But then i ran out of wraps, so i got more wraps, but then ran out of fillings, and bought those and then . . . the cycle continued for several weeks...

Anyway, i bought some chipotle sour cream (because it was on sale) but now my vicious cycle of wraps has stopped. Any general ideas for what I can do with it?

I added a bit into some egg salad last week. Pretty good, but I avoid making egg salad too often.
I'd rather not go out and buy any "special" ingredients because I'd like to clean out the fridge...
I'd also like to avoid heavy/cheesy/condensed soup casseroles and such.
How about baking? Or would the "chipotle" flavoring make that weird?
Brainstorm with me!

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