One page printing?

So we can choose what we want to print (photos/no photos, no comments/selected comments, shopping list only/complete recipe) but does anyone find themselves scaling them down to fit on one page?

I'm really odd when it comes to that. I can't stand when my recipes go over a page. Cook books and I don't get along very well either. Its not that i want to save paper while it helps, I just think a one pager is more convenient.

I kind of wish there was a quick "one pager" option in the print selection. Where it automatically chooses what the best size/spacing is. Sometimes its a very small recipe, and you can fit a photo on there. Sometimes its long and photos comments gotta go and the spacing has to be changed up. I know its just one extra step but I sometimes forget when I'm in a rush.

So any others out there in SE land crazy about how their recipes print?


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