Meatloaf - White Trash? NO WAY!!!!

I have been a meatloaf fan most of my life. I can't say I remember exactly what my moms recipe was like but over the years I have adapted and just loved it (even won an office meatloaf contest - 15 years ago! ha!)

I have been making a recipe (****adapted****) from Bon Appetit Sept 2008 (Chef Andrew Weissman - Restaurant Le Reve, San Antonio) and it's always amazing. I went by the exact recipe for the first while but adapted to my tastes. It is sooo good.

So, I am making it tonight and thought you would love it - even if you DON'T LOVE meatloaf give it a try...... cause my hubby hated meatloaf before this recipe - always said it was white trash! NO MORE!


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