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Best Restaurants in Bensonhurst?

Hey Everybody!

Can anybody recommend some good restaurants in Bensonhurst, preferably ones with some history to them?

I'm taking a course on the history of NYC, and we all have to do neighborhood reports. My group was assigned Bensonhurst, and we're planning on doing a walking tour style report. I'd love to include some classic Bensonhurst restaurants in the report, but so far, I've only been able to find Tommaso('s ?) as an example.

I'm also looking for some newer restaurants - the demographics of Bensonhurst have been shifting, apparently, resulting in a new Chinatown? Does anybody have a favorite new restaurant? Or supermarket, even? (Or hey, anything at all about Bensonhurst that you want to recommend! It's for a walking tour, so local input would be great.)

Our group is going out to Bensonhurst this weekend, and I'm eager to do some exploring, but I'd love some recommendations on where to start! Thank you all very much!

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