Autumnal Dinner Party Ideas

The changing season always make me crave comforting fall flavors: pumpkin, apples, warm spices. A few friends and I are getting together to celebrate fall. We are going to a pick-your-own farm and getting apples and possibly pumpkins. Then, we are having a FEAST.
Any ideas as to what I should make? I am helping to plan the menu, and so far, I am thinking of pumpkin soup made with a whole pumpkin (soup inside the pumpkin). Has anyone ever attempt this and make it work? I can imagine worse case scenario where the pumpkin ruptures and spills soup all over the oven.
We did stuffed acorn squash last year, but it was so good I don't mind repeating it. We had an apple and sausage stuffing.
Dessert-wise, I am thinking traditional apple and pumpkin pies. Or maybe some other kind of apple-y pastry. Or CARAMEL apple pie. hmmm...
What else... we need something vegetal (greens/salad). I'm also not a huge fan of meat, so no huge roast or anything.
Please contribute to my brainstorming if you have any ideas. Thanks a bunch!

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