Meat Mooting

When I moved to India, beef had to get the boot, however I found a great substitute in goat meat. I'd never consumed goats before and had only come across them back home in petting zoos! Now when I tell Western friends I make Goat Burgers, they are more often than not aghast!
(Goat Burgers are awesome incidentally).
Chatting with meat eating friends recently, a debate sparked about 'Animal Racism' - why some people think it's perfectly fine to eat certain animals (cows/pigs/sheep) yet are mortified about consuming others (deer/horse/ zebra).
So basically it's OK to eat 'Babe' but not 'Bambi' ???
What are your thoughts Serious Meat Eaters? Would you try any meat if it were available? Or are certain cuts just too taboo for your taste buds?

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