kitchen helpers?

This is just a little rant/vent with people who might feel similarly. . . or not

I really like to cook (hence I'm posting here) and I'm pretty protective of my kitchen space, even with it's blue laminate counters and vinyl floors. Last week my MIL insisted on bringing over dinner when they were coming to see the baby to "help" me. She brought lasagna, which wasn't bad. We won't comment on desert though.

While I was nursing said baby, my MIL proceeded to empty the dishwasher and clean up and "organize" my kitchen. I was livid. I don't let Mr Ecca do anything more complicated than make cereal or a sandwich cause it's MY kitchen (he doesn't mind, he knows he's spoiled). He does take out the trash:) Just cause I have a newborn does not an invalid make me.

Am I crazy or are there others of you who are rather protective of your turf?

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