I go to the grocers almost daily, yet I do not always eat fresh

I find myself amused with myself as I try to come to some understanding as to why I love to grocery shop. I buy beautiful fresh veges and meats that end up in my freezer for another day, when another day comes I get busy and forget to put something out to thaw so I have to pick up more fresh food for dinner. I do it all the time but I do have an unused spare freezer in my garage, so I think I have this somewhat under control. Still, it is hard for me to pass up a deal at the grocers which I can spot in a heartbeat since I shop so much.

I go to four different stores on a regular basis, meats at one, milk at another, bulk at another and so on.

How about you? Are you eating fresh? How much do you shop? You know I love a story so if you got one please tell it.

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