Serious Eats Covering Other Cities(?)

First, let me make it very, very clear that I LOVE this site! I check it out at least three or four times everyday to either read new topics or to read stuff I missed. In short, I (heart) Serious Eats! However, the one thing that I find frustrating is that much of the stuff here is oriented for those on the East Coast, specifically NYC. I know, Serious Eats HQ is in New York City and the staff resides in New York. I GET that. However, I live in a college town about 20 miles outside of Sacramento, the state capitol of California. Now, Sacramento is not and never will be a San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago, never mind New York, but neither is it a small "podunk" town and there are some wonderful eateries there. While I enjoy reading about great eats in places like New York or Los Angeles (the place of my birth, by the way), it would be nice read about eateries in "smaller" cities like Salt Lake City, Boise, Des Moines and, yes, Sacramento. I realize the SE staff may not have the funds to send people out to ALL of these places, but I wonder: what are the cities that the SE brain trust is planning to include as a regular SE city site? How does one who wishes to become a voluntary contributors to SE become one?

It wouldn't surprise me if all of this has been asked before and if so, please forgive me for the duplication. Further, if I missed a FAQ somewhere on this site that answers all of these questions, again please accept my apologies. Otherwise, SE is just terrific and kudos to all who make it the great site that it is. Thank you also to everyone who submitted entries and replies to the "Talk" site of SE. You have given me some wonderful info and ideas that I will someday try in my kitchen! Have a great day! :)


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